Curcumin's (Turmeric) beneficial compounds in patented delivery form in convenient dosage*. 

Curcumin extracts have been used for centuries as supportive treatments for inflammation, osteoarthritis, chronic gastric ulcer, indigestion and bloating.*

Curcuma dose is only one to two tablets daily.

Product Information

Brand: Curcuma

Category: Dietary Supplement

Use of Curcumin: With more than 3,000 pre-clinical investigations, Curcumin is the most studied plant in medicine. It has been studied for its beneficial effect on inflammation and arthritis. In traditional medicines, Ayurvedic and Chinese, Curcumin extracts have been used as supportive treatment of acute and chronic gastric ulcer, relief of indigestion and bloating; supportive treatment for arthritis, anti-cancer activities, among other.*

One of the biggest challenges with Curcumin is making it clinically available in the body: in natural existence it is unstable and poorly absorbed; hence one must take four to six capsules or tablets of normal Curcumin as an effective daily dose. But BioCurcuma contains a patented delivery mechanism (Meriva®) which vastly enhances bioavailability and promotes absorption. 

Composition per unit: Each tablet contains: Curcuma phospholipids 500 mg in patented technology, Meriva®

Dosage Form: Film coated tablet

Pack Size: Box of 3x10 tablets

Recommended Dosage & Administration: One tablet a day after meal

Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It’s best not to use it, as studies show that it can stimulate uterine contraction and can cause menstrual bleeding.

Gallbladder problems: Turmeric can make gallbladder problems worse. Don’t use turmeric if you have gallstones or a bile duct obstruction.

Turmeric might slow blood clotting. Please consult your physician before taking turmeric product if you are taking any blood clotting medicines, including aspirin and ibuprofen.*

Side Effects: Turmeric usually does not cause significant side effects; however, some people can experience nausea or diarrhea or irritable bowel symptoms.*

General Information: Active ingredient of Curcuma longa, commonly known as curcumin or turmeric and widely used as a spice, is the most clinically investigated compound in biomedicine, with more than 5,000 pieces of published data. It is the subject of more than 60 clinical trials registered with the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH). For 5000 years, Curcuma paste and extract have been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to treat inflammation, arthritis, chronic gastric ulcer, and as an anti-cancer agent.

Curcuma tablet contains a patented delivery form that overcomes Curcumin extract's two main challenges in normal form: they are low in stability and absorption.*

Curcumin phospholipids in BioCurcuma have been tested in clinical trials in patients with osteoarthritis taking 1000 mg of this product daily for eight months, and compared to the control group (not taking curcumin phospholipids) those taking the compounds showed a significant improvement in both clinical (inflammation, pain and movement) and biochemical endpoints (inflammatory markers). For more information, download our brochure.* 

Disclaimers: *Product statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA

The product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases. 

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