Bonnex GR

Calcium Supplement - Extended Release. 
Bonnex GR is a Calcium Citrate tablet with Gastro Retentive (GR) technology, which releases a small amount of Calcium over 10 to 12 hours. Several scientific and clinical studies now show the body absorbs Calcium only in small quantities at a time; it rejects most of the Calcium taken in large dose (more than 500 mg) at one time. See attached brochure for more information.*

Product Information

Brand: Bonnex GR, Extended Release

Category: Dietary supplement

Use of Calcium: Calcium is essential to maintaining good bone health. Studies also show that administering Calcium in small amounts over an extended period of time allows better absorption by the body, and also significantly reduces the risk of stone formation in the kidney. Bonnex GR is an extended release Calcium.

Composition per unit: Each tablet contains: Calcium Citrate Malate 596 mg, and Vitamin D3 50 IU

Dosage Form: Tablet

Pack Size: Bottle of 60 tablets

Recommended Dosage & Administration: One tablet a day, any time

Special Precautions & Warnings: Please consult your physician which form of Calcium is best for you.

Side Effects: Constipation; other side effects are low.

General Information: Bonnex GR as Calcium Citrate has been clinically shown to be more effective and safe than the Calcium Carbonate form, which is currently sold under different brand names in the market. Bonnex GR is a slow release tablet that allows optimum calcium absorption in the body without the risk of oxalate stone formation in kidney associated with Calcium Carbonate. Please read the attached brochure below for more information.*


*Product statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA

Like all dietary supplements, the product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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