Low cost without compromising quality

Quality has become a major concern among doctors and pharmacists for generics sold in Asia and Africa, because a number of manufacturers and suppliers in the regions have been caught by the FDAs in the U.S. and Europe for lack of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards at their manufacturing facilities, and, worse, faking or manipulating manufacturing and quality data.

Some of these companies, prominent in size, have faced their products banned in the U.S. and Europe. Some companies have been banned or put on “Watch List” even by countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar. The malfeasance of these companies and the American and European actions against them have given a bad name to these producing countries in the region and has also tarnished the image of others who hold Quality—Quality in manufacturing, Quality in the final product—as a constant and inflexible value, a given state of business practice and ethics.

Our products manufactured by our affiliate Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., is certified as a PIC/s company, an international standard for manufacturing. But such certification is meaningless if we do not practice the standards and daily comply with each and every compliance requirements of the standard, which we do, sustained by training and regular audits. This scrutiny extends all the way to the raw materials we procure from certified manufacturers, and the packaging material we buy from suppliers.

And in no small measure the confidence in the Quality of our products lie in the fact that they have been in the market for years, some for decades, without reports of adverse events or complaints of quality.

Many of our products are manufactured by companies which have been certified by the FDAs in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Most of our dietary supplements and herbal medicines are approved by the FDAs in several Asian countries, a scrutiny stricter than the rules applies to such products in Europe and the U.S.

Quality is something we do not compromise on. It is a constant and an inflexible core value in the conduct of our manufacturing.